M&A Steam is an independent and family owned company that specializes in cleaning restaurant kitchen exhaust systems. We have over eight years in operation, but we have more than eight years of experience, and our services are offered to all restaurants in the Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterey, San Benito, San Mateo, Alameda, and Merced counties.


With enthusiams and extensive experience in the steam cleaning industry, we began operating in May of 2007. Due to our excellent work, we are quickly growing and we now have customers in seven California Counties (list of customers).

Competitive Advantage

Our main competitive advange is the high quality work we do. We work with new and efficient equipment that allow us to provide you with one of the best steam cleaning and pressure washing services in the area. We also stay informed of the latest safety regulations and the best methods to clean all types of kitchens.


"M&A Steam has been cleaning the kitchen hoods at our restaurant for the last three years and they had always done a fine job. They are always very reliable, responsible and professional."

— Wendy's at Westridge

Cleaning Tip

Lubricate the motor belt once a month. This will keep your exhaust system in good working condition.

Before/After Photos

Before/After Photos