Why can't my employees clean the kitchen exhaust system?

Cleaning the hoods is not an easy task, and it requires special tools, equipment, and expertise to properly and thoroughly clean them. If one of your employees is qualified and certified, then he/she can do the job. However, if you do not have anyone properly trained, we recommend you to hire a professional team to do the work.

Why is cleaning the kitchen exhaust system important?

Having a clean hood is important because it is healthier to cook in a clean kitchen. As you probably already know, the health department is concerned about sanitation and you could get in trouble if you do not meet their standards. A clean hood also reduces the probability of a fire expanding to the roof, and it will help to prevent smoke emissions pouring from the ducts, thus helping you to avoid fines from the fire department and environmental agencies.

How often do you recommend cleaning the kitchen exhaust system?

Because every kitchen is different, there is not a specific time. Some busy restaurants clean it every month, while others clean it every six months. It depends on how busy you are and the type of cooking you do. We recommend you not to wait too long to get it cleaned. Keep in mind that cooking in a clean kitchen is not only safer and more enjoyable to your staff but it also reduces the probability of a fire.

How much do you charge to clean the kitchen exhaust system?

If we have never cleaned your kitchen, we will need to go see it to give you a free estimate. Our price varies depending on your needs and the size of your kitchen. After cleaning your kitchen for the first time we will be able to give you a fixed rate because we will be familiar with your kitchen and needs.

How long does it take you to clean the kitchen exhaust system?

It depends on the condition of your system. If it has not been cleaned in a long time, it will take us more time to clean it than if it is regularly cleaned. Another factor is the size of your kitchen and hood. Cleaning an average kitchen usually takes us at least 3 hours and we usually do it at night, when your restaurant is closed.


"Prompt, courteous, and professional work is what you get with M&A Steam. I strongly recommend using them. I wouldn't use anyone else for the cleaning of my hoods."

— The Crepe Place

Cleaning Tip

Clean your oven, grills, top grills, and burners every day. This will keep your exhaust system cleaner.

Before/After Photos

Before/After Photos