M&A Steam specializes in cleaning commercial kitchens; including kitchen exhaust hood systems, ducts and fans, filters, grills, ovens, kitchen floor, walls, fryers, and ceilings. We do this with real steam at temperatures reaching 350°F.

We understand the importance of a properly maintained and clean kitchen exhaust system, and we only use modern and environment friendly equipment that help us save your water and electricity.

We also help make sure you are always in compliance with the latest industry regulations. We understand that keeping a clean and fire-safe kitchen exhaust system will protect your restaurant from fire hazards. Regular and thorough cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system will help to ensure a safe environment for cooking, plus a system that is safely working at ultimate performance will lead to a working environment that is cooler, cleaner, and more productive for your staff.

Pressure Washing

We use equipment that works with cold and hot water, with pressure of up to 4000psi, and temperature of up to 250°F. We can pressure wash sidewalks, patios, walls, exteriors of buildings, concreate, and anything that can be cleaned with pressured water.

Dependable & Reliable Service

We are available any day at any time. You can rely on us when you need us and we can work around your schedule. We also provide 24-hour emergency service.

Insurance Protection

We guarantee all of our work, and we work with insurance protection. We are fully responsible for our staff and equipment, and we can work whether your managers are on duty or not.

Coverage Area

We offer our restaurant kitchen cleaning and pressure washing services in Aptos, Aromas, Campbell, Capitola, Carmel, Castroville, Cupertino, Felton, Gilroy, Hayward, Hollister, King City, Las Lomas, Los Altos, Los Banos, Los Gatos, Merced, Milpitas, Monterey, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Pacific Grove, Pajaro, Palo Alto, Prunedale, Salinas, San Jose, San Juan Bautista, Santa Cruz, Saratoga, Scotts Valley, Seaside, Soledad, Soquel, Sunnyvale, Watsonville, and all other surrounding areas.


"M&A Steam has been cleaning the kitchen hoods at our restaurant for the last three years and they had always done a fine job. They are always very reliable, responsible and professional."

— Wendy's at Westridge

Cleaning Tip

Clean the hood filters every week. This will keep your exhaust system clean and in good working condition.

Before/After Photos

Before/After Photos